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Venus's Potions and Witchcraft (Night)

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1 Venus's Potions and Witchcraft (Night) on Tue May 31, 2016 2:39 am

"Hey welcome we got a great line up of potions, interested?"

Magic broom- £50 
- In need of a new ride well how about this?
Spell book- £30
- Tired of pesky haunting or people who mock you how about a spell book to teach them a lesson?
Love potion- £40
- Just a dash of this and all the victim will know is love for you (4 posts)
Hate potion- £40
- With this you could make even the most joyful people hate (4 posts)
Potion of bliss- £20
- Drink half the bottle and your unlucky day will become your luckiest but this will only last for 5 hours  (5 posts)
Magical Character- £60
- Summon a contract with a god/demon and get a new character slot
Venus's Mystery potion- £10
- Feeling lucky try Venus's potion and wait for the effects to kick in (2 posts)

(Reply if you want to buy an Item/Transportation)

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